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King Air 200

Every month, our airplanes
undergo a thorough maintenance program carried out by
competent and experienced technicians. Come with us into SKYJET skies.

Super King Air 200


Faster with higher power, the model 200 offers you higher altitudes in an unmatched comfort. Easily reaching speeds of 500km / h, the super 200 is a must for your appointments. Be the first at all times!

Capacity Section

Maximum passenger capacity. 9
Aircraft configurations Passenger/Cargo Flexible
Cabin dimensions Height Width Length
57" 54" 11'
Aircraft cabin volume 303 ft3
 Rear cargo compartment Capacity Volume
410 lbs 54 ft3
Total load possible 2 350 lbs

Technical Specifications

Autonomy 5 h
Range 860 sm
Speed 210 mph
Engines PT6A-27
Length of the aircraft 40'
Wingspan 46'
Height at the tip of the tail 16'

Operational specifications

Crew 2 pilots 
Minimum runway length 3 000'
Operation on gravel runway Oui
Maximum aircraft altitude 25 000'

Loading specifications

Main passenger and cargo door Height Width
51.7" 17"